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Issue 12 - Feb 2017

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Chlamydia testing

Sexual Health Wirral is seeing increased attendances for emergency contraception and STI testing. Please remember to offer all patients aged 15-24 a Chlamydia test when attending your surgery, testing is easy and quick and the Sexual Health Team oversee all test results and management of those requiring treatment. Please contact the team on 0051 653 4416 for more testing supplies.

Issue 11 - Aug 2016

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Sexual Health Wirral launch new interactive website

Our Sexual Health Wirral team has launched a new interactive website sexualhealthwirral.nhs.ukThe website is full of information about looking after your sexual health, how to prevent sexually transmitted infections, how to access local help and support and encouraging a healthy, happy and safe sex-life.

Issue 10 - May 2016

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Developments in Sexual Health Wirral

There have been a number of positive developments in Sexual Health Wirral including: Postal Test Kits and the Link Team initiative encouraging health professionals, support workers, mentors, carers or patients themselves to get in touch if they feel that any barriers discourage them from looking after their sexual health & wellbeing by attending the service.

Issue 9 - Dec 2015

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Sexual Health Wirral Christmas timetable

The Sexual Health Wirral Christmas timetable is now available. Download a copy to display in your clinics.

HIV testing

Sexual Health Wirral offer HIV testing at all of their clinics and following recent publications highlighting increased prevalence in heterosexuals, testing has increased. It is thought that one in five people living in the UK with HIV do not know they are infected, and Wirral in particular has a late diagnosis rate.

Look after your sexual elf this Christmas!

Sexual Health Wirral can be particularly busy at this time of year with people often not thinking to protect their sexual health over the festive period, resulting in a need for emergency contraception or STI screening.

Psychosexual Service

Sexual Health Wirral provides a specialised NHS Psychosexual Service with a highly skilled and qualified team.

LARC Update (Long Acting Reversible Contraception)

Women are choosing Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) methods more than ever and Sexual Health Wirral offer several choices to women of all ages.

Issue 7 - Mar 2015

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New timetable: Sexual Health Wirral

Sexual Health Wirral clinic times and venues will be changing from 1 April 2015. The service will continue to offer their promise of a seven day service, to include 8.00am starts and evening clinics, ensuring everybody can access the service at a time convenient to them.

Issue 5 - Oct 2014

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New Chlamydia campaign

Across Wirral we are finding that 1 in 10 people tested are found to have Chlamydia with many reporting having no symptoms, hence opportunistic screening is vital to help reduce prevalence. Read more about new campaign...


Issue 3 - May 2014

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Chlamydia Screening

The Chlamydia Screening Programme is still very active across Wirral, with national guidelines recommending that anybody attending your practice aged 15-24 is offered a routine Chlamydia test.

Issue 2 - Mar 2014

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Is your patient aged 15-24? Remember to offer the tests ...

Each GP Practice across Wirral participates in the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP). NCSP recommendations are that anybody aged 15-24 visiting their GP should be offered a Chlamydia screening test.

Issue 1 - Jan 2014

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Rise in HIV

In Cheshire and Merseyside almost 1,500 people are receiving treatment for HIV and an estimated 350 more are unaware they have the condition, according to new Public Health England figures.

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