Essential building works will be carried out at Arrowe Park Walk-in Centre

Essential building works will be carried out at Arrowe Park Walk-in Centre from Monday 11 November for four weeks. Although services will be running as normal, please attend Eastham Walk-in Centre or Victoria Central (Wallasey) Walk-in Centre if you are able to do so. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Car park closure at St Catherine's Health Centre 

The patient car park at St Catherine’s Health Centre will be closed on Saturday 7 December and the staff car park closed on Sunday 8 December due to essential new road markings. We apologise for any inconvenience.


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What volunteers do



What volunteers do


Why not volunteer?


Volunteers play a big part at Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust. Some help clinical or administrative teams. Others raise funds to enhance patient care through the two charities that support the trust: Wirral Heartbeat and the League of Friends.

Volunteers come from all backgrounds. Some gain valuable experience that leads them to a new career. All should gain a sense of satisfaction from helping us provide excellent NHS services.

Our volunteers are all 16 years or older. Most placements need a commitment of at least six months regular volunteering, one or two sessions a week.

All volunteers have an occupational health check based on the role they will be doing. Some volunteers need to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (previously CRB) check. These are free to the volunteer and are there to make sure we are looking after our volunteers, patients and staff. Volunteers also have an induction and any training needed to carry out their role.

We advertise our available placements on this website. We also send email bulletins or text alerts to trust members who have told us that they are interested in volunteering. Joining as a public member is free and without obligation. To find out more and sign up (its free!) please go to our membership pages.

Sometimes we receive more applications than we have placements. This means you aren't guaranteed a placement by completing the application form. We advertise new placements regularly, however. Do keep looking if you aren't successful straight away.


For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel: 0151 514 6342 


Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust
St Catherine's Health Centre
Derby Road
CH42 0LQ


Volunteer Agreement


If you are offered a voluntary placement, there are certain things you must agree to. These are to make sure we keep you, our staff and patients safe.


The conditions below apply to all volunteers, who need to read this agreement when taking up the offer of a placement.


Attendance: Regular attendance is important. If you cannot attend your scheduled session because of sickness, or for any other reason, you should let your supervisor know as soon as possible and keep them informed about when you may return.


Confidentiality: You must not share any information about patients or staff or trust business with anyone (including friends and family) and especially not on social media (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) even if you don't use people's names. You must also let your supervisor know straight away if you know any patient personally, whether or not they are a patient in the area of your placement.


Car Travel: It may be necessary to travel with a member of staff in their car to other trust sites as part of your placement.


Dress code: you should wear the trust's volunteer uniform if provided, or smart casual clothing.


Health and safety: You should also listen to and follow instructions at all times, especially where these relate to health and safety issues. You should take reasonable care to avoid injury to yourself and others, and to comply with all relevant trust policies. These are available on the trust intranet or from your supervisor.


Loss/damage of personal property: Wirral Community NHS Trust cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to personal property on our premises for any reason, including theft, burglary or fire.


Mobile phones: Use of mobile phones should be confined to lunch times / breaks. Phones should be switched off outside of these times.


Personal information: The trust collects, stores and processes personal information about all staff, volunteers and apprentices.  Please read our staff, volunteer and apprentice privacy notice (General Data Protection Notice) here


Risk Assessment: Individual risk assessments are completed for each volunteer. You and your Placement Manager accept the risks associated with your placement as per the risk assessment provided for this placement.


Security badges: You must wear any badge that we provide you with at all times when on Trust premises. This must be returned to your placement manager at the end of your placement.


Termination of placement: Your placement may be ended if you breach confidentiality (or due to any other act of misconduct) or non-attendance.


Training: You must attend any training identified as necessary for your role. 


Unexpected occurrences: a health service setting cannot be wholly predictable. You may be exposed to distressing situations or have to leave a session if is considered inappropriate for you to be there. Please make sure you discuss anything that you find stressful with your supervisor as early as possible.


The Trust fully supports equal opportunities in employment and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origins, gender, disability, age, religion or sexuality. At no time during your placement will you be regarded as an employee, except where the law requires, e.g. in respect of health and safety.  

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