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Health Visiting

Health Visiting

Health Visitors are specialists in child health and development who work at community, family and individual level to promote and improve health and wellbeing of pre-school children and their families.


Our Health Visitors work with parents to build on strengths and develop parenting confidence.


We provide a range of information, support and advice to ensure that families are fully supported to give their children the best possible start in life.


Our Health Visiting service includes Community Health Nurses, Nursery Nurses and Health Visitors, who provide:


  • Parenting support and advice on family health and minor illnesses
  • New birth visits (including advice and support in caring for a new baby)
  • Advice and support around emotions and mental health
  • Advice around feeding, weaning and dental health
  • Physical and developmental checks
  • One-to-one breastfeeding support
  • Child safety advice
  • Help to address concerns you might have about sleep or behaviour
  • Immunisations
  • Support and information about other services and groups that can provide additional support (eg Children’s Centres, Breastfeeding Support Groups etc )
  • Support for specific issues such as postnatal depression
  • Where identified as needed, referral to specialists such as Speech & Language Therapy.


There are four parts to our Health Visiting service:


  • Community: in our communitiesthere are a range of services including Children’s Centre. We work in partnership to develop these services and make sure you know about them.

  • Universal servicesour health visiting teams provide the Healthy Child Programme to ensure a healthy start for your children and family (eg immunisations, health and development checks) support for parents and access to a range of community services/resources. The Universal service includes a home visit when your baby is 10 - 14 days old and contacts when the baby is 4 - 8 weeks old, 12 - 16 weeks old, 9 - 12 months old and when the child is 2 - 2 ½ years old.

  • Universal plus gives you a rapid response from our service when you need specific expert help eg postnatal depression, a sleepless baby, weaning or answering any concerns about parenting.

  • Universal partnership plus provides ongoing support from us and a range of local services working together and with you to deal with more complex long-term issues.


Our service is part of the 0-19 Health and Wellbeing Service:




Health Visitors are trained to recognise the risk factors, triggers of concerns, and signs of abuse and neglect in children as well as what must be done to protect them.


They are often the first to recognise that the risk of harm to a child has escalated to a point that procedures need to be implemented to protect them. They maintain contact with families while formal safeguarding arrangements are in place so families receive the best possible support during this time. 



There are many ways to be referred:


  • The midwifery department liaises with the health visiting team regarding ante natal mothers in their care
  • New births are referred directly to the health visiting service via the Child Health Department
  • Individuals and families transferring into or out of the area are notified either by the Child Health Department, self referral or details are obtained via GP practices and / or other professional groups or organisations
  • Also, colleagues, fellow professionals, voluntary, statutory and non-statutory organisations access the service directly to make referrals or to request advice and guidance.   



Contact your local Health Visiting Team using the contact details below:


  • Waters Green, Macclesfield - Tel: 0300 123 0755
  • Congleton Children's Centre - Tel: 0300 123 4291
  • Oakenclough Children's Centre - Tel: 0300 123 4263
  • Knutsford Children's Centre - Tel: 0300 123 4068
  • Poynton Children's Centre - Tel: 0300 123 4223
  • Eaglebridge, Crewe - Tel: 0300 123 4576
  • Alsager - Tel: 01270 376978
  • Church View, Nantwich - Tel: 01270 275875
  • Ashfields, Sandbach and Middlewich - Tel: 01270 275143
  • Holmes Chapel - Tel: 01477 533100


Click here to see contact details of School Nurses in Cheshire East



Contact your local Health Visiting Team using the contact details below:



Our School Nurses are allocated to a base but are located within the schools within that area.

Specialist school nurses can be contacted on 0151 514 2509


Or to contact the Health Visiting Managers call 0151 514 0219 or write to:


St Catherine's Health Centre
Derby Road
CH42 0LQ



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Health Visitors
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