A new timetable for Sexual Health Wirral

A new timetable for Sexual Health Wirral

Sexual Health Wirral clinic times and venues will be changing from 1 April 2015. The service will continue to offer their promise of a seven day service, to include 8.00am starts and evening clinics, ensuring everybody can access the service at a time convenient to them.

Clinics will remain open for longer at the central hubs of St Catherine's Health Centre - Gemini Centre and Arrowe Park Hospital. Victoria Central Health Centre and Eastham Clinic running each week for people in Wallasey and South Wirral. Brook will continue with its daily specialised service for young people (under 25's).

The clinic formally held at Birkenhead Medical Building on Laird Street on Wednesdays evenings will now take place at St Catherine's Health Centre at the same times. By holding the clinic at St Catherine's patients will benefit from reduced waiting times as there are more clinical rooms available. There is also free parking on site.

The clinic at Moreton Cross will close, but there are now increased hours at the Arrowe Park clinic to accommodate patients.

Clinics operate on a 'walk in ' basis, meaning no appointment is needed.

Judy Fairbairn, Sexual Health Co-ordinator said "people come to our clinics for a whole range of reasons, this can be for contraception including pills and implants, smear tests, STI screening , or just support and advice. We provide coil fittings by appointment, and offer a specialist service for more complex cases.

By offering clinics every day we can be sure that people of all ages can access healthcare for their contraception and sexual health needs. Weekend clinics are particularly popular for people who work or study during the week, and we find evening clinics offer support for people who may struggle with childcare during the day. We also offer a male only and female only clinics for people who may prefer a single sex environment, and our specialised young person clinics focus on people aged under 25, and is open daily Monday to Saturday."

For more details on the changes to clinic locations and times, please visit the Sexual Health Wirral website

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