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Diabetes in Wirral - Education is key

Diabetes in Wirral - Education is key

This week it is reported that 3.2 million people in the UK have diabetes, whilst a further 850,000 have the condition without realising it, often as a result of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles.

In Wirral an estimated 7.7% of people have diabetes (diagnosed and undiagnosed) and the Nutrition and Dietetics Service at Wirral Community NHS Trust works hard to both help individuals manage their diabetes and where possible prevent it.

A big part of their work in tackling diabetes is to provide education and support to those who have diabetes (both recently diagnosed and pre-existing) and to those people who are considered to be 'pre diabetes' and are at increased risk of developing the condition.

The service offers two courses - one aimed at people with Impaired glucose regulation (IGR) (pre diabetes) and the other called the Wirral X-PERT* Programme aimed at individuals with Type 2 diabetes. Both courses cover:


  • introduction to IGR/ diabetes
  • how to improve blood glucose control
  • weight management
  • healthy eating
  • food labelling and carbohydrate awareness
  • physical activity
  • preventing health problems


The courses provide individuals in Wirral with a structured programme that both educates and supports them in understanding the condition and making the necessary changes to their lifestyle.


For further details and to book onto either course visit and complete the self referral form. Alternatively speak to your GP for a referral.


Feedback from patients


"It has changed my attitude to diet. Very well explained and clearly made points about healthy lifestyle"


"Every part was useful. I am glad I came and the advice was brilliant"

"I have got a lot of valuable information from the session"

"Fantastic course that will really allow me to self manage my condition"

"I have found out all I needed to know to improve my lifestyle and to live with diabetes. It covered all my concerns regarding diabetes."

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