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Free NHS health support programme receives praise

NHS health support programme receives praise after Wirral woman celebrates weight loss

A Wirral woman who has lost nearly a stone in just four weeks has praised the free NHS health programme that's helped her to achieve it, claiming it's the best she's ever used.


Kathy Smith, 45, from Birkenhead, has lost one kilogram every week since joining the Livewell Programme, which is offered by Wirral Community NHS Trust.


After numerous unsuccessful efforts to lose weight with other well-known programmes, Kathy decided to join the Livewell Programme – and she can't believe that more people don't know about the free service.


Kathy says she was amazed at the level of knowledge and expertise shown by staff, and thinks it's the level of education she received throughout which has really helped her lose weight.


Kathy said: "Staff at Livewell have motivated and supported me throughout my time so far, but it's the education and advice I've received that's helped the most. Over the years, I have been on various diets but all of these programmes just dictate what you can and can't eat, rather than give you the education needed to change your eating habits."


She continued: "At Livewell, I learnt why we gain weight and more importantly, how to reverse it. The programme educates me, rather than preaches to me, and I think it's this that has changed my mindset about losing weight and increased my determination."


Kathy has had major health issues over recent years, and combined with feeling fed up of "always feeling like the big one", she knew that the time was right to address her ongoing weight issue.


Following an appointment with a specialist doctor to discuss her health, Kathy was advised that her weight gain was causing further side effects to her illnesses and that losing weight would only be of benefit to her.


Her GP referred her to the Livewell Programme and arranged for her to meet a health trainer the same day, who then booked her into her first session.


Kathy attends weekly sessions at St Catherine's Health Centre in Birkenhead every Thursday evening, and still has six weeks left of her 10-week programme – but she is already reaping the rewards.


Once she has completed her 10-week programme, Kathy doesn't intend on stopping there.


She said: "I've already noticed my clothes are getting looser! I have taken up swimming and I am more active. I realise I am only at the start of my weight loss journey, so I know further benefits will come in time."


She plans on attending weekly weigh-in sessions and continues to set small, achievable targets to reach as she goes – the first being a total loss of three stone by Christmas; just six months since she began.


And Kathy's advice for anyone else trying to lose weight is to give the Livewell Programme a try.


"I would definitely recommend Livewell. I have never before had the determination to lose weight that I have now. I feel that this is both a personal thing but also thanks to the support and education Livewell has given me."


You can 'Like' the Livewell Programme's official Facebook page at www.facebook/LivewellWirral

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