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Health chief chooses Wirral to help shape NHS future

Health chief chooses Wirral to help shape NHS future

Press release from NHS England 

A new healthcare model, to help shape a 21st century NHS, is to be piloted across Wirral.

NHS England have today (Tuesday 10 March) announced that Wirral Health Partners* will drive a
new way of delivering more joined‐up care for patients throughout the borough.

This new beginning for health and social care services will give GPs and hospital clinicians in Wirral
the opportunity to work much more closely together by strengthening primary and 'out of hospital'

For patients it will mean services working more closely together resulting in a more streamlined
experience. World leading information technology (IT) will also play a part in the model as IT systems
will be able to talk to each other in real time providing even better healthcare expertise between
clinicians. Patients will also see their health and social care taking place away from a hospital setting
and closer to their home or community health centre.

An NHS of the future is more about personalised and coordinated health services for its patients.
This means the traditional divide between primary care, community services and hospital care is no
longer what the patient wants.

Wirral Health Partners will aim to dissolve these traditional boundaries because caring for both an
ageing population and for patients with more complex long term conditions requires even greater
partnership than what is currently available i.e.: providing single, unconnected 'episodes' of care.
The dissolving of these boundaries will bring home care, mental health and community nursing, GP
services and hospitals more closely together since the inception of the NHS in 1948.

The NHS continues to face unprecedented change and is currently dealing with a huge range of
challenges. As a way of dealing with these growing issues, the Chief Executive of NHS England, Simon
Stevens has set out plans to make the NHS the responsive, relevant, sustainable structure that it
needs to be to meet these challenges over the next five years. He said: "The NHS now has its own long term plan, backed by just about everybody, and today we're firing the starting gun. 

"Instead of the usual top‐down administrative tinkering, we're backing radical care redesign by
frontline nurses, doctors and other staff ‐ in partnership with their patients and local communities."


Dr Pete Naylor, Chair of Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group and local GP, said:
"I'm delighted NHS England has chosen Wirral to help lead the country in shaping an NHS for the


"Wirral's local population is getting older, sicker and frailer. Many of the patients we see each day
also need more long term treatment and specialist care. 


"This opportunity to be one of 29 carefully selected schemes from across the country will help
Wirral's vision of further cementing a realistic and sustainable NHS for many years to come."


Dr Evan Moore is Medical Director at Wirral University Teaching Hospital. He said:
"Our vision for how healthcare should work in Wirral is actually quite simple. We believe that
everyone who lives here should have access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time of
life, in a way that suits them, and supports them to stay in good health throughout their lives.


"The status quo for the way we deliver healthcare in Wirral is quite simply unsustainable. Too many
people come into hospital that don't need to. This puts un‐necessary pressure on our services, is
really expensive, and most importantly, isn't the best way to care for many people."


Wirral is already piloting a model of integrated care through its 'Vision 2018' health economy
collaboration programme. Vision 2018's aim is to:


  • Minimise the need for hospital admission through promoting health and wellbeing and
  • proactively managing those most at risk
  • Promote integration of care to avoid duplication and fragmentation of care
  • Improve health outcomes and optimise the patient experience
  • Increase efficiency delivering more for less


Wirral Health Partners now also includes the expertise of Cerner (the global organisation behind the
patient records system at Wirral University Teaching Hospital) and the Kings Fund (a charity that
shapes health and social care policy and practice in England).

Dr Naylor added: "This approach is all about improving the quality of care and overall patient experience.

"The public wants to see value for money, but at the same time a future proof NHS.

"I believe Wirral Health Partners will be able to deliver this by working ever more closely with our
clinicians, but also capitalising on state‐of‐the‐art clinical technology which we already have rolled
out in our acute Wirral hospitals. Technology also plays a huge part in primary care with almost each
practice on Wirral now operating from the same healthcare platform."

Wirral Health Partners will see care being entirely joined‐up, and will focus on fitting around the
needs of each individual patient. It will involve a smooth, integrated pathway of care across the NHS
from the cradle to the grave, and will mean all partners working together to deliver what will
increasingly feel like, a coherent, more simplified service.

It is one of 29 'vanguard' sites chosen today by NHS England and is part of an overall £200 million
transformation fund.

From April 2015, the national NHS will work with the piloting sites to develop dedicated support
packages to enable and accelerate change, and an intensive evaluation programme will seek
evidence on what works so this can be spread to other parts of the country.

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