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Health Matters: Parenthood and building relationships

Health Matters: Parenthood and building relationships

When does it start?


Is it the positive line on a pregnancy test? Your baby's first kick? Or maybe the first time you hold your new baby cradled in your arms?


For many, parenthood starts during pregnancy. It is at this stage that parents start to form relationships with their unborn child, and life starts to revolve around the baby and getting everything ready for the arrival!


Forming a relationship with your baby during pregnancy is helpful in many ways:


  • actively communicating with your baby whilst they're in the womb not only helps you bond, but helps prepare your baby for what's awaiting them in the real world
  • singing to your baby is a tradition you can start before they are born and continue once you have given birth
  • during the last stage of pregnancy the baby's brain is growing rapidly and it is important that your baby is connected with you at this time. Make sure you take time out to relax every day, and stroke your baby bump


When your new baby arrives, it can often be a very confusing time. Babies are complex little people who need to be comforted and reassured to grow and develop. Ways to help your baby develop include: responsively feeding and spending time with them, learning their feeding cues and comforting them whenever he or she cries. This will mean that your baby will grow up feeling secure in their relationship with you and will help he or she develop into a happy, healthy human being!


Breastfeeding helps forge a special bond between mums and their babies from the very first feed. As well as being the healthiest way to feed your baby it also:


  • enables mum to have regular skin to
  • skin contact with her baby – this is very comforting and soothing for baby
  • helps build a strong physical and emotional bond between mum and
  • her baby
  • enables baby to hear the sound of mum's heartbeat, which is very comforting and reassuring


For some the breastfeeding process isn't always immediate and can sometimes take time for mums to feel comfortable and confident. Our team will be out and about throughout June providing help and  support around breastfeeding (see our noticeboard opposite).


For further information, support or advice call Wirral Community NHS Trust's Infant Feeding Team on 0151 514 2354, or visit

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