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It’s Continence Awareness week (24- 30 June)



It's Continence Awareness week (24- 30 June)


Did you know that an estimated one in four people will experience bladder problems and one in ten will experience bowel problems? In fact, it’s estimated that more people suffer with incontinence than with Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy put together.


Men and women, young and old can be affected by bladder and/or bowel problems. Symptoms can include:


  • Stress incontinence: Passing urine when you laugh, sneeze or cough


  • Urge incontinence: Not being able to ignore a sudden urge to go to the toilet


  • Nocturia: Waking up more than a couple of times in the night


  • Functional incontinence: Having a condition or disability which stops you being able to remove your clothes quickly or get to the toilet in time


  • Bowel incontinence: Difficulty controlling bowel movements.


People dealing with continence problems may be embarrassed and find it difficult to ask for help or support but by doing so, they can make a huge difference to their quality of life and general wellbeing. In many cases symptoms can be cured. In other cases with the right products and treatments, symptoms can be effectively managed.


Wirral Community NHS Trust’s Continence Service specialise in supporting children and adults with bladder and bowel problems. They provide assessment, diagnosis and ongoing support to help treat and/or manage symptoms to lessen the impact it has on your quality of life.


If you’ve been experiencing any bladder or bowel problems speak to your GP or healthcare professional, or if you prefer you may self-refer direct to the Wirral Community NHS Trust Continence Service by calling 0151 643 5330 or visit for more information about the service.


Hints and tips for keeping your bladder and bowel healthy:

  • Eat a balanced diet


  • Drink enough liquid (not alcohol)


  • Limit the amount of alcohol you consume


  • Chew your food well


  • Don't miss meals!


The Bladder and Bowel Foundation is a UK wide charity that provides information and advice on a range of symptoms and conditions related to the bladder and bowel. Visit

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