Essential building works will be carried out at Arrowe Park Walk-in Centre

Essential building works will be carried out at Arrowe Park Walk-in Centre from Monday 11 November for four weeks. Although services will be running as normal, please attend Eastham Walk-in Centre or Victoria Central (Wallasey) Walk-in Centre if you are able to do so. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Car park closure at St Catherine's Health Centre 

The patient car park at St Catherine’s Health Centre will be closed on Saturday 7 December and the staff car park closed on Sunday 8 December due to essential new road markings. We apologise for any inconvenience.


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Karen’s Wirral Globe column: Nursing at the heart of the community

Karen’s Wirral Globe column: Nursing at the heart of the community

Community nursing has made a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people since it was first introduced in Liverpool over 150 years ago.


I began my career as a nurse, and so it makes me very proud to work for and represent an organisation that employs around 400 community nurses who deliver high quality care to patients across Wirral.


Working 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, our experienced community nurses have a wide range of skills and play a crucial role providing care and support for patients out of hospital. Every month they carry out more than 23,500 visits to people who need nursing support.


Community nursing is a unique and particularly skilled branch of the nursing profession which offers a healthcare service to people who need nursing care, advice and support. Whilst the majority of care is given in the patient’s own home, community nurses also visit residential homes and run clinics.


Working in partnership with General Practice and other community and primary care professionals, the work of our community nurses is extensive and varied, ranging from treating wounds to helping diabetes patients manage their condition. The enhanced skills of our nurses allow us to deliver acute and complex care in the community. Intravenous antibiotics for severe infections are delivered in the home; our rapid response service provides increased support through a health crisis. This level of skill and expertise is transforming the lives of people living with complex health conditions who can be confident in the care and treatment they can now receive at home.

Our community nurses are increasingly working closer with colleagues in physiotherapy and social services to make sure patient care is properly coordinated and joined up. Everyone wins – the patient is looked after better, health and social care services become more efficient and hospital admissions and readmissions are kept to a minimum, ensuring that patients can return to their own homes as soon as possible.

One very important role is looking after people at the end of their lives. They play a vital role in helping people who choose to remain at home and who are able to do so. This might involve ensuring they receive the right drugs so they are free of pain, that their last months, weeks or days are as comfortable as possible and - crucially – supporting the family before, during or after a loved one’s death.

Our nurses are also equipped with laptops to ensure they can access a patient’s notes or raise issues without a moment’s delays: All part of making community nursing more responsive and more patient-focused.

We continually strive to improve the quality of the services provided. Any comments, suggestions complaints or concerns from patients are welcomed as valuable feedback in maintaining and improving the quality of our service.

If you would like to provide feedback about any of our services, please contact our Patient Experience Service. Telephone: 0151 514 6311 Freephone: 0800 694 5530 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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