Essential building works will be carried out at Arrowe Park Walk-in Centre

Essential building works will be carried out at Arrowe Park Walk-in Centre from Monday 11 November for four weeks. Although services will be running as normal, please attend Eastham Walk-in Centre or Victoria Central (Wallasey) Walk-in Centre if you are able to do so. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Car park closure at St Catherine's Health Centre 

The patient car park at St Catherine’s Health Centre will be closed on Saturday 7 December and the staff car park closed on Sunday 8 December due to essential new road markings. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Stoptober challenge for Wirral's Smokers



Stoptober challenge for Wirral's Smokers


Quit campaign calls for all smokers in Wirral to join a 28-day quitting challenge


Health experts in Wirral are urging all local smokers to take part in the first ever mass quit attempt launched by the Department of Health – Stoptober.


The new campaign, which runs throughout October, offers smokers a free preparation pack, 28-day Quit Calendar and Health & Wealth Wheel. Smokers will also receive support and encouragement through a daily messaging service, inspiration from celebrity mentors, and expert advice via a Stoptober app, motivational text message and a Facebook page.


Wirral has an estimated 51,100 smokers costing the area approximately £79.7m every year.


Delivery driver Graham ‘Macca’ McConnell from South Wirral supports the campaign. Mac had almost given up on quitting after 40 years of smoking and multiple attempts but with the support of Wirral Stop Smoking Service delivered by Wirral Community NHS Trust, he has finally won the battle.


“I’ve tried so many different ways to quit smoking including hypnotherapy but nothing’s worked and I was ready to give up.  But I thought I should try once more for the sake of my health.  Several of my family have been affected by smoking related illnesses and I didn’t want the same to happen to me.


“I visited my local stop smoking service and was put in touch with an advisor who was really supportive and took the time to listen.  My GP prescribed some medication which helped to suppress my cravings.  I used to smoke at least 15 a day but I’ve not had a cigarette since 10 June, in fact I don’t even think about having a cigarette these days. I’m determined not to smoke again and have recommended the stop smoking service to my work colleague, his partner and their sons – if I can stop so can others. An extra nudge with campaigns such as Stoptober can only help smokers.”


Fiona Johnstone, Director of Public Health for Wirral said “We want to help as many people as possible in Wirral to become smokefree. There is a wide arrange of support available. For example our local stop smoking services are doing a great job, and last year in Wirral 3,101 people successfully quit with their help. With the extra support Stoptober provides, this is a great opportunity for smokers to notice the benefits and hopefully become ex-smokers for good.”


As well as the financial benefits of stopping smoking, those undertaking the 28 day programme will experience physical improvements including a better sense of smell and taste and more energy. Longer term, those who stop smoking reduce their risk of heart disease and lung cancer as well as protecting others from their secondhand smoke.


Andrea Crossfield, Director of Tobacco Free Futures, the North West regional body for tobacco control said “Smoking is still Wirral’s biggest killer, claiming the lives of around 693per year. These are people’s wives, brothers, fathers and daughters. We know quitting smoking can be tough. Stoptober is about everyone coming together to support smokers to kick a habit that ultimately kills half of all its long term users. If you’ve been thinking about quitting, now is the time to do it.”


Stoptober 2012 starts on Monday 1 October and runs for 28 days. For more information and to sign up visit or call 0800 022 4 332 to be put through to your local stop smoking service.

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