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Walk your way to a healthy body and healthy mind



Walk your way to a healthy body and healthy mind


May is National Walking Month – a month to celebrate and help you (re)discover the many health and emotional benefits of walking!


As well as being a great way to stay trim and keep your heart healthy, walking can help you feel less stressed and anxious.


It's a free and easy way to work more exercise into your daily routine and it doesn't need to be complicated. Just walking for ½ hour every day can:


  • transform your fitness
  • reduce stress
  • improve concentration
  • increase motivation
  • burn calories
  • save money
  • increase confidence
  • restore muscular, nervous and emotional health
  • boost your immune system. 


There are small changes that you can make to increase how much you walk which can make a real difference.


Why not make walking a part of your working week? Walk part of the journey to or from work, get off the train or bus a stop earlier or take a walk on your lunch break.


Why not walk your children to school and grab that extra bit of quality time together? Why not take the dog out for a long walk? Or, why not walk along the prom or around the park?


There are a huge number of benefits to walking and it won't be long before you see and feel the results!


If you want advice and support to become more active and improve your wellbeing call Wirral Community NHS Trust's public health team on 0151 630 8383 or visit - ask about our Health Trainers and the many free courses and activities that run in your area as part of the Community Programme.



Did you know...


Walking 1 mile burns up to 100 calories


When you take a step, you use up to 200 muscles


The recommended daily step count is 10,000


Walking regularly can help lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity and type 2 diabetes



Where should I go walking?


At you can plan a walk and find out how long it should take, how many calories you'll burn, how many steps it should be...and much more. 


There may be something happening where you live or work for national walking month – visit


Last Updated: Thursday, 03 November 2016 11:25

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