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World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2013

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Today is world mental health day. If you are you struggling to cope or feeling overwhelmed Wirral Community NHS Trust has a range of activities that will support you to feel better and make positive lifestyle choices and build the '5 ways to wellbeing' into your daily routine.

The '5 ways to wellbeing' looks at the five things you can do to feel healthier and happier.

  • Connect – say hello to your neighbour, keep in touch with people
  • Be active – do the garden or make time for a walk
  • Take notice – stimulate your senses: listen to music or watch a film
  • Keep learning – try something new or rediscover an old interest
  • Give – hold the door open, smile and give compliments

From helping people with low confidence, anxiety or mild depression through arts and music based sessions through to increasing physical activity through chair aerobics, circuit training, health walks, men only football, tai chi and yoga.

Taking part in activities, learning relaxation techniques, new recipes and eating healthier and better foods can help boost your mood and improve your overall emotional and physical wellbeing.

If you'd like a bit more support you can get a FREE lifestyle assessment, support and personalised action plans from one of our Health Trainers.

To find out what support and activities are available in your local area call Wirral Community NHS Trust's Lifestyle Service 0151 630 8383 or visit

Visit the 2020 decade of health and wellbeing website at to find out more about the 5 ways to wellbeing.

Wirral Community NHS Trust's health and wellbeing activities are free. If people would like help and support to make lifestyle changes or would like to find out more about how to access the free activities and courses they can call the team on 0151 630 8383 or visit

Relaxation session, 10.30am – 11.30am Harvest Court , Harvest Lane, Moreton
Tai-Chi Chi Kung, 1.00pm – 2.00pm, The Institute (Scout Hall), Church Road, Tranmere
Drumming Up (music based relaxation), 3.00pm – 5.00pm, Allandale Centre, Lucerne Road, Wallasey

Tai Chi, 6.00pm – 7.00pm, Tranmere Rovers Football Club (recreation centre at Prenton Park – Off Borough Road behind the Kop stand), Birkenhead

Relaxation session, 11.30am-12.15pm, St Paul's Church, Old Chester Road, Rockferry
Relaxation session, 2.00pm – 3.00pm, Reay Court, Borough Road, Wallasey
Tai-Chi Chi Kung, 10.30am - 11.30am, St Paul's Church Hall, Old Chester Road, Rockferry

Relaxation session, 11.00 am – 12.30pm, Fenderway GP Surgery, Fender Way, Beechwood
Relaxation session, 9.30 am – 11.00 am Pensby Children's Centre, Pensby

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